giovedì 28 giugno 2007

Converting RESTful Web Services' examples to Squeak

I've started reading Richardson & Ruby's RESTful Web Services book. Since most of the examples are in Ruby, I though it would be a good exercise to convert them to Squeak. For this reason, I have asked and obtained from O'Reilly a permission to publish my Squeak code on this blog.

This first post has all the instructions needed to set up your development environment.

In order to use the code I'll be posting and to play with it, you'll have to install a Squeak image. If don't have one installed, I suggest using one of Damien Cassou's Squeak-dev images. These are custom images, based on the standard 3.9 and 3.10a Squeak images, that come with all sorts of development tools already installed. The image I'll be using for these examples is squeak-dev-07.6, based on Squeak 3.9.

Once you have installed the image, open it and then open the Monticello Browser tool. Add this HTTP repository by clicking on the +Repository button:
location: ''
user: ''
password: ''

Open the repository and load the latest RWS package and you're done. The package contains the code for the examples and some support code I've added to streamline the whole experience.

In the next post, I'll start showing the examples.

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