venerdì 21 settembre 2007

RESTful Web Services - Preparing for Chapter 3

In a couple of days we’ll move to the examples in Chapter 3 of Richardson and Ruby’s book.
Before that, we need to add a couple of package to our image. These packages are the Cryptography Team Package and Steve Waring’s HTTP Client, both available on the Squeak Map.
We’ll also need either a working account for Amazon’s S3 service, or a working Park Place server.

The Cryptography Team Package

The Cryptography Team Package is one of the three crypto packages available on Squeak Map. It is the product of the work of Squeak’s Cryptography team, headed by Ron Teitelbaum.

In order to install it, just open the Squeak Map Package Loader tool, select the package and then select Install from the menu.

Steve Waring’s HTTP Client

The other package we’ll need is an HTTP 1.1 Client originally created by Steve Waring’s for Dolphin Smalltalk and ported to Squeak by Brent Vukmer and others. We’ll use it for Chapter 3’s example instead of the CurlPlugin, since the latter doesn’t expose some libCurl APIs that we need.

To install this package, use the Squeak Map Package Loader as for the previous package. The name of this package is HTTP Client.

Edit 10/Oct/2007: Unfortunately, this HTTP Client does not support all the features needed for the Squeak versions of the Chapter 3 examples, so it won’t be used at all; CurlPlugin will be used instead. See this post for more information.

Once we have installed these packages, we’re ready for Chapter 3’s first example: an Amazon S3 client.

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