domenica 16 settembre 2007

Why Jazz Programming?

Maybe some of my 7 readers (source: Google Analytics) are wondering why this new name. The reason is simple: the old name was fun and cheeky, but it didn’t really describe what I’d like this blog to be. So I chose the new name basing it on what my two main interests currently are.

Furthermore, I think there are some analogies between Jazz and Software Engineering, especially Agile Methodologies. The first that come to my mind are:
  • both a jazz player and an agile programmer can do well in solo, but give thier best in a group/team.

  • both a jazz player and an agile programmer look at each session as a chance for improvement.

  • both a jazz player and an agile programmer strive continuosly for improvement.

If any of you has other analogies, why not leave them in a comment?

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Interesting concept, especially since I’m a jazz musician. I don’t necessarily agree with your first bullet. For instance, Bill Evans has done some of his best work as a solo player. At the very least, it’s a debatable argument that his Village Vanguard sessions (trio) and his later solo albums are equal supreme performances. After all, it is art and impossible to qualify in completeness.

How about this (note that I changed from agile):

Both a Jazz musician and a Smalltalk programmer do well in groups as well as a solo gig.

Anonimo ha detto...

How about a jazz player and an agile programmer don’t plan out an evening jam for a month before performing?