martedì 23 ottobre 2007

Miles Davis - So What 1958 & 1964

Looks like I’m not the only one with a blog who’s interested in Jazz and programming. Patrick Logan just published a wonderful post about Miles Davis’ So What So What is a track from the Kind of Blue album, and Patrick compares two different versions of it: the first one from 1958, the second one from 1964. It’s difficult to say which one I prefer.

Incidentally, just ten days ago in the #verbamanent IRC channel we briefly discussed and compared Davis’ Kind of Blue, Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and Mingus’ The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady. The comparision is a little inappropriate, since Kind of Blue precedes the other two albums by roughly five years, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I’m going to write more about these three albums in another post.

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