domenica 22 luglio 2007

Working on HttpView2

As you may have noticed, in the past two weeks I've been silent. The reason for this is that I've been working on a couple of Smalltalk projects that have monopolized my attention.

One of these projects is HttpView2, also known as HV2. HV2 is the web framework behind SqueakMap. It's a nice little framework, and is a good complement to Seaside.

I'm actively involved in the development of the next version of HV2. In particular, I'm building a new Canvas/Painter system to replace HV2's current Builder system. I'll write another post with more details on the new canvas system.

I've also been exploring how to restructure HV2 to ease the creation of RESTful web services. I've a couple of ideas in mind: an easier access to the HTTP Response, more specialized View objects for single items and collections, and a few more that I still have to ponder.

The new HV2 version hasn't been released yet; you can grab my latest version of it from this (readonly) Monticello repository.

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